• Avaliable partial, long-term, short-term rental.
  • The complex of buildings is 100m from region road Alytus (25km) - Lazdijai (7km). 20km from Sestokai railway terminal. Sventezeris town.
  • Fenced territory. The total area of 2,5 ha.
  • Premises avaliable for logistics centre, warehousing, manufacturing, marketing, servicing. Yard - 1,5 ha solid surface. Suitable for agricultural machinery, for heavy transport.
  • The complex of buildings consists of 4 buildings, including office space.
    The first building - 1400 m2, height - 8m, 3,5 t moving crane.
    The second building - 1200 m2, height - 4m, in basement tanks for liquid fuel - 20 m3.
    The third building - 1300 m2, height - 5m.
    The fourth building - 1300 m2, height - 5m.
  • Separate electrical substation, electric power of 210 kw. High-power cables, separate each building.
  • All buildings includes plastic windows with insulating glass units, armored doors, garage doors (automatic). Roof and walls insulated using shaped plate (galvanized, painted).
  • All buildings - tight and warm. With telephone, internet, water supply, drainage.
  • Price is negotiable.

For more information please contact: Petras Valincius, +370 698 35483,

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